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Graham Davies:

Healer Member of the International Healing Fellowship
Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills
Diploma in Indian Head Massage
Certificate in Life Coaching









Appointments with Paul Lambillion – April 2018

Paul is available for appointments for aura or trance channelled readings on 18 and 19 April 2018. Fee £50 for 50 minutes.

He will also be holding a workshop on Saturday 21 April 2018:


(Self-Mastery 5)

One-day course with Paul Lambillion


Saturday 21 April 2018   10.00am – 5.00pm Fee £50 

Our outer life is the manifestation of our inner world of thoughts and feelings.

These memories are electrical and energetic charges, accumulated over many life times, which are locked into our Chakras or Psychic Centres which reside deep in our Auric (Subconscious) Mental and Emotional Fields. They restrict the flow of light and good life sustaining forces through us at all levels, limiting us considerably.

A conscious awareness and understanding of these centres, their individual frequencies and functions enhances our self-awareness and makes the processes of self-mastery and healing more dynamic and more powerful. By engaging consciously with these spirals or vortices in our subtle bodies, we are able to accelerate the healing in us and our lives considerably, significantly increasing the life changing possibilities and freedom we may experience.

The main elements of the course are:

Preliminary Activities

~ Simple Meditation practices.

~ The Chakra vortices, their nature and their individual vibrational functions.

~ Attunement to and awareness of the major 13 chakra system.

In-Depth Working

~ How to attune to, identify and clear old thoughts and painful limiting memories from the Chakras. This may also involve working in pairs.

~ Some of the most significant Chakra pairings and connections, and their importance.

~ The Chakras, the issue of Individual Destiny and Potential.

~ The significance of Past Life memory in the Chakra system.

Whilst not essential, a simple pendulum may be useful and some note paper. A very basic understanding of the Human Chakra system may be useful to students. Most important is an open heart, a sense of adventure and a wish to be free from the limitations of the past.

Do come and join us.

If you would like to join us please reserve a place now.

The fee for the day (£50.00 per person) is payable by 10 March 2018. Please make cheques payable to  G. Davies, or contact us to pay direct to our bank account.

Self-Mastery is a path of self-realisation whereby all the levels of  the human being become increasingly aligned allowing the best possible unfoldment of the individual’s life and experience. It is a way of healing based on Love, Wisdom and Understanding.

‘One person with only love in their heart could do more to right the problems of the world than all the people who are actively trying to fix it’ – Lester Levenson.