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Graham Davies:

Healer Member of the International Healing Fellowship
Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills
Diploma in Indian Head Massage
Certificate in Life Coaching


MEDITATION CLASSES with Graham Davies –  Autumn/Winter 2019/20

Meditation classes will continue to run throughout Autumn and Winter, apart from a break for Christmas on 25 December and 1 January.

The classes are on Wednesdays,  8pm to 9pm at Number 11, 11 Mickleburgh Hill, Herne Bay. Fee: £4 per session. Booking is essential.

To book a place, please ‘phone or text me on 0785 613 3584, or email me at dimensions@btinternet.com, with your name and contact ‘phone number.

Practised in many eastern cultures since ancient times, meditation became popular in the west in the 1900’s. During meditation, the blood flow is directed to the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the brain that triggers relaxation, slowing the pulse, and conserving energy. It counteracts the effects of the sympathetic nervous system known as the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

Through meditation, we can bring the whole of our being into harmony and balance. Regular practise helps to keep us centred, and able to cope better with the changes and challenges of daily life.

In our weekly sessions, I use creative visualisation, leading you on a journey, to a place where you can experience deep relaxation of mind and body. Once in this deep state, you can become centred and focussed, allowing you to think clearly, find understanding and solutions to problems, and to heal yourself.

‘Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work’ – Thich Nhat Hanh



This is one of a number of trance channeled sessions held in Herne Bay.



From our viewpoint of your planet this is a time where we would say you may feel excited and indeed this is the way you should be looking at your life at this time, as there are so many changes which we may call positive, although they may seem otherwise, going on in your planet at this time. Never in the history of this planet has there been so much opportunity for change and indeed we say for rapid change. So as all these various things which appear to you as problems go on around you in your world, and in your life to some extent, we would say focus on what is really happening here because once this dross is cleared the light will enter and your life will be very different, as it will be for the whole of your planet. There has never been a time in your planet’s history where there is so much consciousness expanding, and where there are so many opportunities for all beings to heal themselves as well as to heal the planet. There will be more and more in your media that says that the orthodox medicine that you have been conditioned to rely on really works, we do not say it never works because there is a place for this to an extent, providing those prescribing these various treatments, these medicines, that they give to you are of the right intent. But, even so, at the same time there are many, many, alternative methods for healing, whatever the problem may be, however serious that problem may be, and this is partly to finding the right remedy which is often as simple as the food that you ingest. This alone can reverse and cure many of the things people suffer with on your planet at this time. We are aware that many of the older at this time have a subconscious fear of those diseases such as cancer, and those of the mind such as dementia, but again even in these cases we can assure you that there is a great possibility to reverse these diseases, these afflictions. And how can you do this? We suggest you start by going within, meditating, and asking for answers. Answers may come through the meditation, or you may be drawn to a certain place of information, a library book, or magazine, where something will be in there that you will read. Immediately it will resonate with you, within your heart, and you will know that this is something for you to study more closely and to understand. Also, by shifting your consciousness we are very aware that many of the beings on your planet actually attract the things they don’t want, rather than the circumstances they desire, and this is because it is important to be aware of the words or thoughts that you have and the energy that they carry out into the Universe, thus attracting results back to you. And so for those who may regard themselves as being not very well off as you call it on your planet, rather than spend their time saying I cannot afford this, I cannot afford to do that, I never have any money, money never comes to me, I’m never lucky, they need to turn this around in their consciousness, and start to think and say, I have all that I need, all my needs are provided for, everything I need comes to me. And as you begin to do this, you will find that those negative thoughts and words still appear, and so it is a case of repeatedly using these positive statements, seeing yourself and feeling yourself as you want to be not as you don’t want to be. So again, as an example, you may spend a day or two with a headache and continually be saying to yourself I wish I did not have this headache, where instead you could focus on saying something alternative such as my head is clear, my body is relaxed. We would urge you to start to experiment with these exercises and the smaller things in your life, and as those become true for you, then experiment further with the bigger things that you wish to change. But always know and try to understand that all things are possible, there is nothing in your world you cannot have, that you cannot do, provided within your heart your intent is correct, your thoughts that stream out into the Universe are correct. But often we would advise that when you’re trying to make these changes within yourself do not necessarily share this with those around you. There can be a tendency for those close to you even to think well no you cannot do that, you will not ever have that. And this energy will then affect your own efforts to make changes. But do indeed share with those who support you with love and caring, whose only intention is to see you receiving the best the good that you deserve. This may also be a moment to remind you that when those things that are going on in your life seem difficult, and as you regard as negative or bad, it is often these processes that you need to go through to get to the place where you want to be, where your destiny is, again it is a case of clearing this dross from your life, and this is true immediately around you, with people you meet, with places you go, with your experience of the world. The world around you can seem to be in complete chaos and turmoil. But by aligning yourself in the right way, you will not be part of this. This will have no effect upon you and with all these suggestions we make to you, and they are indeed suggestions based on our own knowledge and are not instructions. It is for you to decide if you wish to listen or not. But by taking up our suggestions you will find your life gradually beginning to change, and the more you work on this, the more this will acelerate and change will be happening very quickly. And so when you have a difficult moment, shall we say, within minutes this can reverse, this can change.. It is as quick as that. With the many changes that continue on your planet at this time, we would ask you to feel no fear, but to feel confident, and sit, and watch what is going on. Try to view it as an interesting exercise, if you will, rather than the doom and gloom which some people regard life as. Irrelevant to the happenings in your world, life is beautiful.


Appointments and workshops with Paul Lambillion in 2020.

Paul will be available in March and October 2020, for a limited number of appointments for aura or trance channelled readings, and also for workshops. Dates and details will be confirmed sometime in January 2020.