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Graham Davies:

Healer Member of the International Healing Fellowship
Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills
Diploma in Indian Head Massage
Certificate in Life Coaching









MEDITATION CLASSES with Graham Davies –  from September 2019

Classes will restart on Wednesday 11 September  2019.

Weekly classes on Wednesdays,  8pm to 9pm at Number 11, 11 Mickleburgh Hill, Herne Bay. Fee: £4 per session. Booking essential. To book a place, please ‘phone or text me on 0785 613 3584, or email me at dimensions@btinternet.com, with your name and contact ‘phone number.

Practised in many eastern cultures since ancient times, meditation became popular in the west in the 1900’s. During meditation, the blood flow is directed to the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the brain that triggers relaxation, slowing the pulse, and conserving energy. It counteracts the effects of the sympathetic nervous system known as the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

Through meditation, we can bring the whole of our being into harmony and balance. Regular practise helps to keep us centred, and able to cope better with the changes and challenges of daily life.

In our weekly sessions, I use creative visualisation, leading you on a journey, to a place where you can experience deep relaxation of mind and body. Once in this deep state, you can become centred and focussed, allowing you to think clearly, find understanding and solutions to problems, and to heal yourself.

‘Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work’ – Thich Nhat Hanh


Appointments and workshop with Paul Lambillion – October 2019

Paul’s will be available for a limited number of appointments for aura or trance channelled readings on Thursday 24 October 2019. Cost £50 for 50 minutes. If you would like an appointment please contact us.


‘The Inner Light, The Matrix of Perception & Deep Healing Processes’ (Part 2)
A workshop for healers, therapists and those interested in deep spiritual healing

 Saturday 26 October 2019   10.00am – 4.45pm Fee £50    

To attend this course, you will need to have attended or had access to Part 1.

There is in all of us a template or Matrix of Perfection in which  there exists the perfect pattern for our health and well-being. It is archetypal in nature, a type of ‘Super or Higher Pattern’ (it is the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ referred to by Jesus, ‘The Pleroma’ of the Gnostics) and it reflects the underlying perfection in the Cosmos beyond the material vibrations and frequencies we experience here. To access this level more fully both for our own benefit and also when we are helping others in whatever situation we find ourselves, there are important practices and exercises to be learned and developed.

This is a vital area of study and practice for anyone seriously interested in healing. The initial teaching will be for one day with a follow up day when students have had time to practice the initial attunements and exercises.

The first prerequisite for those attending is to accept, at least in principle, that we all create and attract all our outer three dimensional experiences, including health issues. Although much of this is a sub conscious activity it is none the less the case.

The second is to have a basic idea and acceptance of the subtle nature of mankind (the aura and chakra system) and to acknowledge the existence of an individual energy within all human beings.

This second part will include study and practice of the following –

 The Inner Light

 How to access the glorious Light Centre within the skull and understand its infinite nature.

The Matrix of Perfection

The Human and Divine Energy Fields and the Matrix of Perfection.

How to locate the gateway to the Matrix of Perfection in yourself and how to assist others to do the same.

During the course, Paul will help individuals as necessary and appropriate to stimulate their awareness and raise their frequencies.

It is a course not to be missed and Paul would like to view briefly (remotely) the energy system of all those students who will be attending so please register your intention to come as soon as possible.

Do come and join us, we look forward to seeing you.

If you would like to join us please reserve a place now.

The fee for the course is £50.00 per person,  payable by 21 September 2019. Please make cheques payable to   G. Davies, or contact us to pay direct to our bank account.

Refreshments are included. Please bring lunch with you or, if you prefer, there are shops nearby to buy sandwiches or snack



TRANCE CHANNELLING – this is the first of a number of trance channelled sessions which we will be sharing occasionally.

14 FEBRUARY 2019.

If you wish to make changes in your life, in your world, you must focus on the energies of those things that you require. If you carefully study your thinking, your inner talk, and your outer talk, you will begin to realise that much of your time is spent re-affirming those things that you do not wish to have in your experience. There are many changes in the world around you, and it is simple for so many to be able to blame others for their experience. But, to effect any change for yourself, or for those around you, the first thing you have to understand and you have to accept is that you do create your own reality.

All of those experiences that you have, of those beings that you draw towards you, are created by you. You may not be aware of this on a conscious level, but none the less it is so. And therefore, if you are experiencing a particular problem, or that you are engaged in a situation that you are not entirely happy with, we would suggest that you sit quietly and make a review of the situation. Think about what is happening, and your reactions to it. Then, ask yourself the questions “Why do I have this experience, is this something I need or want to attract to me?” And if you listen quietly you will begin to get answers,, and as you receive these answers, you then may be able to take action, to make changes in your life. But first of all, you must accept that everything you experience you have drawn to yourself. It is your own creation if you will. We are aware that many beings find this quite difficult to accept, and many will accept those things which they think “ Well, maybe I have caused this”, but other situations they find much easier to blame on others. But even those times when someone is causing you hurt or pain, or are unpleasant towards you, it is still an energy that you have attracted to yourself. So again, we suggest that you review the situation, and ask the pertinent questions to find the answers to why you are having this experience. Do you need to have it for some reason?; What is it you need to learn?; What is it you need to let go of?

Within your interactions with other beings, there are always lessons to be learned, but not always lessons that you may notice or be aware of. And so if you can begin to encompass the idea that everything around you in your world you have attracted to you on some level of consciousness, you will understand that you are continually sending messages out in the form of energy waves. And, these things that you think, will go out into the Cosmos, and will attract back those things the Cosmos feels you are asking for. The Cosmos does not judge the messages that you send out to it. If you keep thinking or keep repeating something in your mind, and keep rerunning the same self-talk, the same words, then those situations will come to you. So we would suggest that in a small way, you could begin to review the happenings around you. Take one small problem, or what you would regard as an irritant to you, and think about it; something that may repeatedly happen to you, because you may not be aware that you are repeatedly giving out the energy, and are drawing this to you, and you will wonder “ Why does this happen to me?” And then those beings that have the same things happen to them and use phrases such as “Why does this always happen to me?”  Have not stopped this happening, but have immediately reinforced their message to the Cosmos.

We can see that if you give some thought to these words of ours, that you will begin to understand how the process works. So begin to be aware of those things you are thinking, the words that you use. You may be with your friends or family, talking about another member of your family, or a partner, or a child, and beings use such phrases as “Oh, he will never change”, “She will always be like this”, “She has always been like this”, and immediately you are choosing to experience that energy with that being, because you have reaffirmed that in your world that person will never change, will always be like this, and it maybe something that you find unpleasant. But that is how you will always see this person. In the greater process of the mechanics of the Cosmos, as you change your own thinking, your own words, you also help those around you to change. And so if you have a person who acts in a particularly unpleasant way, all the time you reaffirm these actions of theirs, you are placing more energy into this situation, enlarging the problem, where you can have the opposite effect and help both yourself and the person with whom you may have this problem, irritant.

This works on a very small scale, and on a very large scale. As an illustration, if you are to think of those things going on in your world at this time, particularly in the lands you inhabit, the problems in your parliament, there is much energy going towards those involved in the process of change in your country. A lot of this energy shall we say is of a negative nature, although we prefer not to view it as negative or positive, but just as energy. What is given out is what is attracted. And so again, those people who say to themselves “We will never get out of this situation”, are actually creating the process to keep them in that situation, rather than looking towards a way of changing, withdrawing from a situation. As we have said, this works on a small scale and also on a large scale. So, we encourage you to begin to look and be aware throughout your day, of the words you use to yourself and to others. Also be aware, that as well as when you use these words you send out energy, when these are thought in your mind you are still creating and sending out energy to the Cosmos.

Begin to make small changes in your everyday life.